Directions to Marloth Park

Ofcourse it depends on your own planning wich route you take to Marloth Park.

The maps below give you an idea how to get there from OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg ( 450 km) and from Kruger Mpumalanga Int. Airport in Nelspruit


South African traffic:
In South Africa one drives on the left hand side of the road, maximumsspeed is 120 km/u on the highway, 100 km/u op secundairy roads en 60 km/u in the cities and villages.
Be aware of the frequent speed controls!
It is rather common for people and animals to cross the road even on the highways, be aware of this!
We recommend to use a GPS system, you can hire it with the car or take your own from home be sure you download a map from South Africa first!
From Joburg to Marloth Park is about 450 km on the N12 en N4, just remember these are tolroutes.
It is not recommended to drive in the dark.

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