Marloth Park
Marloth Park is an unique wildlife sanctuary and holiday town in the province Mpumalange "the land of the rising sun".
It boasts four of the “Big five” with the exception of elephant.
Buffalo, rhino and lion are confined to Marloth's game reserve "Lionspruit", where you can go for a gamedrive on your
own or with a ranger.
The rest of the game such as kudu, zebra, giraffe,
blue wildebeest, nyala, impala, warthog, ostrich and others aren't restricted by fences
and roam freely between the houses.
Marloth Park is bordered on both sides by the Crocodile River in the world famous
Kruger National Park, it is separated from Kruger National Park by a fence alongside the river,
which gives you the opportunity to watch a variety of game coming from the park to the river
and also an abundace of birds can be spotted.
Crocodilebridge gate is the nearest entrance and is about 14 km by car.

Map Marlothpark

The name Marloth Park
derives from a German
botanist, Rudolf Marloth.
The Aloe marlothii was
named after him.
This plant is found
abundantly in the lowveld.
Marloth Park was
founded in 1977.

Marloth Park is a popular stopover point for tourists travelling to the Kruger National Park, to Mozambique or to Swaziland .
Marloth Park is a unique project. It opened in 1972 as a holiday township, though a large part of the park remained natural.
There are no internal fences and the vegetation remains in its original state. Within the park, there are giraffe, blue wildebeest, kudu, zebra, impala, bushbuck, warthog, baboon, vervet monkey, bush baby, mongoose and other small game and a rich bird life.
Lots of animals come to your doorstep for some food. Special wildlife pallets can be bought at the shoppingcenters or daisy's den.
Occassionaly some predators will enter the Marloth Park from the Kruger for your own safety it is not allowed to walk and cycle in through the park in the dark.
Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the natural park is well developed.
Inside Marloth Park (3,000 hectares), the freedom of movement is remarkable. Tourists can ride a bicycle or go for a walk on their own through the Park. While walking or driving along the Crocodile River, visitors can watch spectacular wildlife scenes in the adjacent Kruger National Park.

Marloth Park has two shopping centres to cater for your basic requirements, such as laundry facilities, bottle stores, butchery, hardware store, pub & restaurant and supermarket.
You are a mere 14km from the Crocodile Bridge Gate and approximately 35km from the Malelane Gate to the Kruger National Park.  The nearest town is Komatipoort, which host a variety of shops and restaurants.
A public swimmingpool and tenniscourt can be found in the van Rooyenpark on Crocodile Road.
Speedlimit is 50 km on the tarroad and 30-40 on the gravelroads.

Securicon, Field security and WA genote are around for the safety of people and properties
Our property is monitored by Securicon  24/7.
In case of an emergency the silent alarm can be activated by pushing the
red button
on the alarmdevice which comes with the keys of the house.
It won't take them long to come for assistance.
Holiday home
Marloth Park
South Africa
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